Build a Better Future for Children

Donate on a monthly basis and protect a child in danger, transform their life and build a safer world

Not every emergency makes the headlines, but when crisis strikes it is always children who suffer most. A child is much more likely to become malnourished, get sick, be exploited, or suffer psychological pain during a natural disaster or conflict. A regular donation from you will ensure UNICEF can respond quickly in emergency situations, providing lifesaving supplies of clean water, food and medicine to children in desperate need.

Right now our teams are working around the clock responding to emergencies in Syria, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Vanuatu, and countries affected by Ebola to get children the help they need. We need your help to reach every child who needs us.  

Will you help save children’s lives? 

A gift of:

  • €30 a month is enough to provide emergency medication for one child. 
  • €21 a month could provide clean water for two families.
  • €15 a month could provide emergency food for 5 children.