• War in Yemen
    As the conflict in Yemen continues, the situation for children has worsened terribly
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  • Gaza Children’s Crisis
    One million children in Gaza are in desperate need of clean water. With the intense heat of summer upon them, they cannot wait any longer.
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  • Nepal Children's Crisis
    There has been a second 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. It is critical we act fast and help children now.
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  • Build a Better Future for Children
    Right now 60 million children around the world are facing conflict, natural disasters and other complex emergencies. Will you help?
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  • Nepal

    A devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal has left more than one million children in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

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  • Syria

    By the end of 2015, the lives of over 8.6 million children across the region will have been torn apart by violence and forced displacement.

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  • South Sudan

    As South Sudan enters a second year of conflict, the immediate threats to the lives of children are countless and continue to increase in intensity

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