Frequently asked questions

As a UNICEF Global Parent your donation goes a long way. Your regular support helps UNICEF to plan ahead and commit to long-term large scale projects, such as immunisation drives, that will provide children around the world with the opportunity to survive and thrive.

When will donations be received from my account?
Donations are debited from your nominated bank account on the 1st banking day of each month.

Is this a fixed term donation?
We understand that people’s financial circumstances change. You can alter the value of your monthly donation or place your donation on hold by calling Karen on 01 878 3000 or emailing Alternatively, your request can be sent in writing to UNICEF Ireland, 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1.

What is the minimum monthly donation amount?
Just €1 a day (€30 per month) can provide 10 doses of vaccine per day to immunise children against Polio. If you can provide this in a day, can you imagine what you can provide in a year? (The minimum requested monthly donation is €5, thank you)

What percentage of my donations reaches children?
UNICEF uses low-cost, highly effective solutions that work drastically to improve children’s lives and ensure your donation reaches the children most in need of our help.

How much of my donation actually goes to the field?

  • 86.6% of all donations to UNICEF go straight to the field.

 How much is spent on administration?

  • 2.1% of all donations to UNICEF is spent on administration.

 How much is spent on fundraising?

  • 11.3% of all donations to UNICEF is spent on fundraising.

Can I choose where my donations will go?
Donations as a Global Parent help children wherever the need is greatest. This helps us stay cost-effective and allows us to help the most vulnerable children.

Tax efficiency
If you are a PAYE only tax payer, and have given €250 or more in the course of a tax year, we can reclaim the tax paid on your donations. This applies personal donations you have made and not money raised through sponsorship. If you are self assessed or a corporate you can reclaim the tax paid on your donation(s). You/the company can choose to make a donation out of the money you reclaim from the Revenue Commissioners. (Please note the terms have changed in 2014)

How much more will my donation be worth?
From 2013 onwards: A new blended rate of 31% will be applied to all donations over €250. That means that UNICEF can reclaim 31% of the value of your donation. Therefore a donation of €250 will be worth an extra €112.32 to UNICEF.

Pre 2013: If you gave €250 or more and are a higher rate taxpayer, then UNICEF can reclaim 41% of the value of your donation; a donation of €250 will be worth an extra €173.73. Or if you gave €250 or more pre 2013 and pay tax at the standard rate then we can reclaim 20% of the value of your donation which will be worth €62.50

Will I get a receipt?
If you would like a tax receipt please contact or on (01) 8783000.

Visit our Global Parent site to learn more about how you can help children around the world with the opportunity to survive and thrive.