For every view of this video Fyffes will donate one vaccine to help fight Polio

Fyffes Fighting Polio

Polio is a devastating infectious disease which predominantly affects children under the age of five. It attacks the nervous system leading to vicious spasms which leads to permanent disability and sometimes death.

The world has a unique opportunity to eradicate polio once and for all.  UNICEF aim to eradicate polio by 2018 and Fyffes are proud to support them in this mission.  From 350,000 cases of polio 25 years ago to only 403 cases in 2013, incredible progress has been made.  Polio remains endemic in just three countries, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  One last big push is required to make polio history.

The Fyffes supporting UNICEF campaign which will run in April and May has the goal of providing at least 1 million vaccinations to young children, age 5 and under, to protect them against contracting the devastating and potentially life threatening polio virus.

With this campaign, customers who purchase 1 UNICEF branded bag of Freddy Fyffes bananas will automatically provide the cost of one life-saving vaccination to UNICEF Ireland. In this way, Irish consumers will know that their purchases are being put to vital use in protecting young children from contracting the devastating virus that is polio. Together, we can make polio history.

Every year, 1.5 million children die from a preventable disease. Ending polio does more than just rid the world of a devastating disease – it helps brings other vaccines and life-saving interventions like insecticide nets to vulnerable children. This programme is an investment in children’s futuresPeter Power, Executive Director, UNICEF Ireland.

‘Support for humanitarian aid programmes is arguably the most satisfying cause for which business can allocate funds. At Fyffes, we are proud to support such a reputable organisation as UNICEF and to know that the support which the company, its employees and its customers are providing will be put to such praiseworthy use in protecting the health of so many young children who might otherwise be at risk of contracting a disease that would affect their lives irreparably’ - Ms. Emma Crewe, Sales and Marketing Manager, Fyffes.