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Photo: Moreno, Chad, 2014.Ten-year-old Assia lives with her grandmother in a returnee site, in southern Chad. They arrived here after fleeing their homes from the violence in their village in the Central African Republic, 424 kilometres away.

By donating in your will, you’ll leave a child with something to smile about.

These are children like Assia who at just 10 years old was forced to flee her home from the violence in the Central African Republic. “All the kids were crying and the grandmothers were praying” she told us. “We left everything in the town.”

Now she lives with her grandmother in a returnee site in Chad. They were in desperate need of assistance when the UNICEF team met them.

“We were given books and some toys to play with” she says. “They built us schools and gave us mats aswell. Before we had to go all the way to the school to get our water, now they have built a water pump very nearby and we can wash ourselves. 

Photo: Moreno, Chad, 2014 In the picture, 10-years-old Assia at a UNICEF-supported temporary learning space 

At UNICEF, we believe that every child has a right to clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, an education and a safe environment to grow up in. A gift in your will helps ensure that a child like Assia will survive and thrive. That is really amazing!

See below some examples of how your gift might help.

A gift of €1,000 could help provide 3 water pumps which will provide clean, safe water day after day. It’s a really great for girls, who often walk long, gruelling miles to fetch water every day. With safe water nearby, they are free to focus on school.

A gift of €5,000 is enough to provide 26 teachers and over 1,000 children with everything they need to go back to school and get an education even in times of crisis. Children who cope with stress crave normality and going back to school gives them the chance of that and so much more.

A gift of €10,000 is enough to provide 7 tents to protect children when a crisis hits. Under its protection, children uprooted by emergency or crisis can eat a nutritious meal, receive urgent health care, go to school or sleep safely.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy to children or have any other questions about leaving a gift in your will please call Justin Killeen on 01 - 8783000 or email Justin@unicef.ie


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