Malaria Campaign

Just €14 can stop this deadly Child killer
It strikes in the dead of night, when a child should be safe, tucked up in bed. Within minutes it infects its little victim with malaria, a disease which kills 2,000 children every day.

In just 48 hours it can turn a cot into a deathbed.

Fever. Vomiting. Convulsions. It is truly a horrible death for any child to endure. Almost 90% of the children  who suffer are under the age of five. What makes this all the more tragic is how easily it can be prevented.

It costs just €14 to provide a family with enough mosquito nets to keep their children safe at night; and they last for five years.

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There are interventions to control malaria that are simple and effective….

UNICEF is the world’s largest provider of insecticide-treated mosquito nets and is a leader in the global fight against malaria. Our programmes reach the areas worst affected by malaria,  and we are making real progress. UNICEF’s Malaria Initiative is targeting nine sub-Saharan countries (Angola, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo,
Guinea, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.)

We know that long-lasting insecticide nets distributed throughout these African countries can protect sleeping children from deadly mosquito bites. We know that the availability of rapid diagnostic testing in rural Africa can quickly detect the presence of malaria parasites in human blood. And, when the test result is positive, we know that a three day course of highly effective drugs known as ACTs can save lives.


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