Taqi was born in Za'atari Refugee Camp Jordan. His mother fled Syria while pregnant.

Taqi was born a refugee in Za’atari camp in Jordan. His mother was pregnant when she fled her home in Syria and made the dangerous journey across the border.

Life in a refugee camp is not easy but, thanks to the generous support of our donors, Taqi has received the essential vaccinations he needs to protect him from disease. In addition, his mother keeps him healthy and nourished by regularly attending the UNICEF Infant Feeding Centre.

Each year there are hundreds of silent emergencies all across the world. Help children like Taqi who need life-saving assistance in countries like Syria, the Central African Republic and South Sudan, by donating today.

  • €56 could help provide emergency medication for two children for one month
  • €70 could help vaccinate 500 children like Taqi against life threatening diseases
  • €81.64 could provide 6 mothers with enough supplies to keep their new babies clean and safe from disease

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