Survival Gifts

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Survival Gifts

Why not surprise your loved ones with a UNICEF Survival Gift. We have a gift to suit every friend and family member – from footballs to winter blankets to baby scales. What is unique about a UNICEF Survival Gift is that every gift you purchase is sent directly to where children need it the most. Guaranteed. Buy a gift today and help save a child’s life.

How Survival Gifts Work

  • Choose A Survival Gift

    Browse our catalogue and choose a livesaving gift to help children around the world.

  • Dedicate A Card

    Send a personalised postal card or eCard to a friend or loved one for the gift you made on their behalf.

  • Save Lives

    Each lifesaving gift is sent to where children need it most, GUARANTEED.

Survival Gifts respond to the real and changing needs of children around the world, so there may occasionally be a case where the item you selected may be substituted for another because there is a greater need for it. Wherever possible, we will keep that substitution within the same category – for example, a gift of measles vaccines may be substituted for polio vaccines. We hope that through your purchase you trust us to make the best use of your gift to help children who need it right now.