Door to Door Fundraisers

Meet our Door to Door Fundraisers

Our Direct Dialogue fundraisers are ordinary people who are committed to the ideals and vision of UNICEF, and who use their talents to help us recruit new donors and to spread the message of the invaluable work that UNICEF does worldwide to ensure that every child can survive and thrive.

Direct Dialogue fundraising is vital for charities such as UNICEF Ireland, as it allows us to access new supporters at a very low cost and because it gives members of the public much more insight into the work of UNICEF.

Our fundraisers are employees of UNICEF who are paid a flat hourly rate of pay, there is no commission and no bonus.

Meet the Team

  • Graham Doyle Head Coach
  • Sajjad Ashraf Senior Team Leader
  • Ray Uzoma Team Leader
  • Tommie Mullins Team Leader
  • Jaideep Singh Team Leader
  • Padraig Higgins Team Leader
  • Sean Vaughan Team Leader


  • Melanie Phiri
  • Philip Lawlor
  • Tatiana Branche
  • Justin Bogni
  • Olubunmi Ibikunle
  • Cathy O’Kearney White
  • Eddie Rooney
  • Shannon O’Brien
  • Mano Izere
  • Siobhan Dower
  • Soumya Kundapura
  • Daniel Karim
  • Marina Mesropian
  • Eolann Davis
  • Shannon O’Brien
  • Conall Monaghan
  • Yasmine Mahmoud
  • Moyinoluwa Mobolaji
  • Martin Hamilton
  • Julie Louise Crawley
  • Richard Walsh
  • Jessica Bray
  • Victor Rongier
  • Kelsey Anderson

3 ways to easily identify UNICEF fundraisers

  1. They will be wearing a blue UNICEF embroidered Jacket, a UNICEF t-shirt or bib.
  2. They will have a visible ID badge with the manager’s contact details printed on the back
  3. They will NEVER ask you for a cash donation

If you have any questions about our Direct Dialogue Team, please call Mark Harlowe, on 01 878 3000.