Help make 2015 an historic year for change!

The United Nation's 17 new Global Goals are an ambitious project to bring an end to global poverty and make our world fairer and more sustainable for future generations.

We want you to help make them a reality.

Start now by making sure everyone in Ireland knows about the Goals. The World's Largest Lesson or UNICEF Ireland's workshops below will provide you with everything you need.

It's About Us! Workshops

Our easy-to-use templates will guide you through each of the workshops. Start with "Global Goals" and build your own class programme using a combination of workshops.

activate toolkit

Start your Activate Group today. Download the toolkit and be part of UNICEF's global movement for a healthier, more just and sustainable world.


View our latest workshop on the current refugee and migrant crisis. It gives students an opportunity to discuss life as a refugee through a child's perspective.

Get Involved. Your voice.

Are you a Student?

Find out about setting up a UNICEF Acitivate Group in your school.

Are you a Teacher?

Find out how your school can get involved with the new Global Goals.

“Ready to go and easy to use, these workshops go right to the heart of what CSPE is all about”.
Susan French, Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock.

Our Priorities. How we voted.

Students from all over Ireland have voted on what issues need to be prioritised to build a better world.

The results of the votes from Irish students

Download the 'Dublin Declaration on Children & Youth 2014'

Youth from across Ireland have pledged to make a decisive difference to the futures of children and their families across the world, in societies both rich and poor.

With UNICEF's support, we are keeping children's rights and well-being on the agenda. At the 2014 "It's About Us" National Youth Summit, young people joined together to raise awareness on the issues that matter most to us - with our government, our schools, our communities, and each other.

“UNICEF Ireland's 'It's About Us' campaign proves the transformative power of youth. I appreciate your support. You provide the hope that there can be a better, safer and environmentally sustainable world for all children.”
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

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