Education for Children


Every child has the right to education

Here in Ireland, our children are entitled to free primary and secondary school education. However around the world, too many children are not afforded this right.

Education for children can change lives and help children escape from the cycle of poverty.

Despite progress in recent years, girls continue to suffer severe disadvantage and exclusion in education systems throughout their lives. It has long been understood that educating girls particularly has a lasting and positive impact on entire communities. We know that educated women are less likely to marry early, less likely to die in childbirth, more likely to have healthy babies and more likely to send their children to school. Now that is really amazing!

Between 1990-2012, UNICEF has helped reduce the number of primary-school-aged-children who are out of school by 44%. We can return more children like this to school and give them hope for the future. We just need your help.