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Give someone you love
a special gift this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Child Survival Gifts  

Give someone you love a special gift this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Special Gift Box


A Valentine’s Day Gift Box will help save children’s lives by ensuring that vulnerable children around the world receive protection from malnutrition, malaria, and waterborne diseases.

UNICEF’s Valentine’s gift box contains:

– 2 mosquito nets
– 2,000 water purification tablets enough to clean up to 20,000 litres of water
– 20 bags of life-saving peanut-based food

Your Love Saves Lives

Instead of buying flowers or chocolates for the one you love this Valentine’s Day, why not give a gift that will change a child’s life?

A Child Survival Gift from UNICEF is one of the most effective and lasting ways to protect children in need.

Whether it’s life-saving food, a baby delivery kit or vaccines, a gift from UNICEF will truly allow a child to live their life to fullest, free from hunger and disease.

Please consider this wonderful gift.

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When you sign up to give a monthly donation to UNICEF, you become a Global Parent.

Together, we can work to protect and defend the world’s most vulnerable children.

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