Family Survival Gift Box


Love Saves Lives!

Too many children around the world are still left behind. To protect children against serious diseases, vaccines and clean water play a central role in ending preventable child deaths.

Your lifesaving Family Survival Gift Box will provide families with 4,000 purification tablets enough for 40,000 litres of clean water, 5 vials of 20 doses each of polio vaccine and 5 vials of 10 doses each of measles vaccine, along with 20 packs of therapeutic milk, 2 warm thermal blankets and 2 exercise books.


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Baby being vaccinated in the health center of Anyama in the South of Côte d’Ivoire.

Vaccines now protect more children than ever before, but nearly one in five infants misses out on the basic vaccines they need to stay alive and healthy. UNICEF’s immunization programme helps identify those children that have been left behind by the health system and can bring other life-saving care to these mothers and children. For every child, health.


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