Christmas Gift for a Child


This Christmas, give a special gift to a child who so urgently needs it.

This Christmas, children are facing war, hunger, disease and harsh climates. A special gift from you will make a real difference to their lives; providing them not only with warmth, food and education supplies, but also comfort and hope.

When you buy this gift it will be sent to a child who needs it the most.

Your special gift will provide:

– 10 notebooks and 10 pencils for writing, drawing and learning.

– 25 sachets of emergency food

– And a thermal winter blanket for cold nights.

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Masha is pictured doing her schoolwork at home in Ukraine. Masha is facing the cold, lack of nutritious food and the struggle to find the resources to learn.

Thanks to gifts like this, UNICEF is able to help children like Masha with urgent supplies so that they can continue their schoolwork, eat nutritious food, stay warm and simply be a child.

Last year alone, UNICEF responded to 483 humanitarian crises around the world – ensuring that children were safe from harm, disease, and hunger.

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