Hunger Survival Kit for Children


Provide desperately hungry children with emergency food.

Millions of vulnerable children in Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen and around the world are facing unimaginable hunger this Christmas.

For those facing starvation, every day is a battle for survival. In Somalia, millions of children are dangerously malnourished. Without urgent treatment many will die.

But the solution is simple, emergency life-saving food can bring a child back to health within days and weeks. Your powerful gift will be a life-saver.

This kit will provide malnourished children with:

– 85 bags of micronutrient powder,

– 4 packs of therapeutic milk,

– 28 bags of emergency food,

– 5 packs of high energy biscuits fortified with vitamins,

– 70 sachets of oral rehydration salts

Also included are 70 child malnutrition tests – the best way to spot malnutrition in children, and save their lives.

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One-year-old Obsinale was admitted to a UNICEF-supported hospital in Somalia with life-threatening malnutrition.

Thanks to this special gift, Obsinale received the life-saving therapeutic treatment she so urgently needed. Each day that followed, she regained her strength and she is now back to full strength and smiling!

UNICEF provides 80% of the world’s life-saving food for children, and we will not stop until we reach every child.

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