Mosquito Nets


Simple and effective protection against malaria.

This protective gift of two mosquito nets will ensure children are safe and protected from malaria.

For children sleeping under its safety, this net will provide a strong physical barrier against mosquitoes.

The nets are also treated with insecticide, reducing the lifespan of a mosquito and decreasing their chances of infecting another child.

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Lorenza sits under a mosquito net with her children in a temporary shelter in Beira, Mozambique. They have lost everything after a devastating cyclone hit the country and they are now exposed to deadly diseases.

Mosquito nets are simple and effective protection against malaria, one of the main child killers. With them, children affected by the virus can be reduced by half.

Thanks to the net they received with a Child Survival Gift, Lorenza’s children are now protected against malaria.

For Every Child Health.

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