Change for Good Supporting Children Affected by the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

UNICEF Ireland and Aer Lingus have a partnership spanning 25 years.

In support of UNICEF’s Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal from Friday 10th March, Aer Lingus will hold a special collection to raise on-board donations for UNICEF’s appeal, which will take place on all short-haul and long-haul flights until Sunday 19th March.

Hundreds of thousands of children need your help now.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck Turkey (Türkiye) and Syria caused widespread damage and devastation. Buildings collapsed as families slept, leaving hundreds dead and thousands more injured.

Children are injured, traumatised and in shock. They need urgent help.

They have lost their homes, their schools and even their families, but they cannot lose their future.

Help us send life-saving supplies to children and their families in Turkey & Syria. 

Urgent Humanitarian Aid Needed

Right now, UNICEF teams are working around the clock to provide children and their families with emergency supplies.

We are working under challenging conditions, with harsh weather and damaged infrastructure exacerbating the situation.

However, we are determined to reach every child in need and we won’t stop until every child is helped.

Please give what you can and help save a child’s life.

Donate Now

Here’s how your donations can directly help children in Ukraine.

€50 can provide 5 winter blankets to keep children safe and warm.

€75 can provide emergency food and clean water for 75 children.

€150 can supply 3 first first-aid kids, to help injured children.

Help protect children

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