Syrian Children Suffer as Conflict Rages on

The conflict in Syria has had a devastating impact on children’s lives. One in three Syrian children have grown up knowing only war. Right now, 2.6 million children are displaced in Syria while 2.5 million are living as refugees in neighbouring countries.

No Syrian child has been spared the horrors of war. Children have witnessed and been subjected to extreme violence, they have lost their homes, they have been separated from families and they have been denied access to critical supplies like clean water, food and medicine.

UNICEF is on the ground in Syria working to protect children and save their lives. We are providing vital services like health care and critical supplies like emergency food, clean water and medicine. Our teams are repairing and rebuilding schools, training teachers and providing educational materials to ensure children don’t miss out on their opportunity to learn.

Your Donations Help Children

It is only because of support from people like you that UNICEF can continue our work on the ground, in the hard to reach areas of Syria and in the refugee camps in surrounding countries.

Your donation means everything. We are funded entirely by voluntary contributions. By giving today you will be helping to provide vulnerable children with the life-saving supplies they urgently need.

A young girl stands outside

Five-year-old Siba is spending the night in a makeshift camp after violence forced her and her family to flee their home. They are now sheltering in olive groves with nothing more than blankets and bedsheets hung from olive trees to protect them for the elements.

For a child like Sioba, feeling violence and war there is no comfort of home, no safety in familiar surroundings and no basic supplies. Your support today can help provide life-saving emergency food, clean water, and safe shelter for a child like Siba

The difference you can make to a child’s life in Syria;

  • €100 could help provide enough essential medicine to treat twelve sick and injured children.
  • €75 can help provide clean water and emergency food for five children.
  • €50 can buy thermal blankets to keep ten Syrian children warm.

Other Ways to Donate

You can make a donation by phone, you can reach us on 01 878 3000, our office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00.

You can send your donation by post to


UNICEF Ireland,
33 Lower Ormond Quay,
Dublin D01 R283.

You can help us reach more children affected by the conflict. Please donate today and help us protect children. 

In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will be directed to where the need is greatest.

Children displaced by violence
Children flee escalating violence in Northern Syria. ©UNICEF/UNI214011/Souleimain/AFP-Services