This Christmas Famine is looming. Children in Somalia are in desperate need.

Children keep suffering in Somalia. Severe malnutrition has reached crisis levels across the region.

1.5 million children are already malnourished and 386,000 children are suffering from the most dangerous form of malnutrition – Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). They are on the verge of death if they do not get urgent help.

Relentless droughts and soaring food prices continue to devastate families. Ongoing conflict and alarming outbreaks of cholera and measles are only making the situation worse. Children are dying and they need lifesaving food now.

Our team, and UNICEF Ambassador Donncha O’Callaghan, recently witnessed first-hand the catastrophic situation, when on a field trip to Somalia in October.

Please donate now to send life-saving food, clean water and medicine to children living through disaster in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region.

Save children like Aisha 

To the untrained eye, Aisha might have been dozing off in her mother’s arms. 

But to Dr. Isse Hassan, Aisha’s droopy eyelids were a warning – a sign that the tiny 1-year-old was drifting in and out of consciousness.  

Aisha was in distress, not sleepy. Dr. Hassan and the staff at the Garowe General Hospital Stabilization Centre were carefully monitoring her pulse and oxygen levels as they provided treatment for severe malnutrition 

Too weak to eat, she was feed therapeutic milk via a nasal tube. She also received antibiotics as well as an oral rehydration solution. Within hours, Aisha began to recover.

“Before I was fearing for sake of my baby,” Ali said. “But now, I am so happy that my baby is better.” 

baby stares at camera
Aisha is held by her mother at a UNICEF-supported Stabilization Centre in Somalia. Aisha is suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition.

How Your Donation Helps

  • €50 provides enough safe, clean water to keep 3 children healthy and safe.
  • €75 provides a month’s supply of peanut paste to help treat 5 malnourished children.
  • €150 supplies enough peanut paste and clean water to save and protect 8 children.

Watch our Facebook Live Event from Somalia with Donncha O’Callaghan and UNICEF Ireland Director Peter Power to learn how your donations save lives. 

Other Ways to Donate 

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