Children in Lebanon at Risk

Ongoing hostilities in southern Lebanon are taking a devastating toll on the population, forcing approximately more than 90,000 people – including 30,000 children – from their homes. 

Latest reports indicate 8 children have died since the escalation of the hostilities in October 2023, while 75 children have been injured. 

Increased armed conflict has also damaged civilian infrastructure and essential services like water and sanitation. Right now over 100,000 people are struggling to access safe, clean drinking water. Children are at risk of falling ill or dying from dangerous waterborne diseases. 

In addition, around 23 healthcare facilities serving 4,000 people are closed due to ongoing hostilities. Prior to the onset of this conflict, Lebanon’s essential services, including health and education systems, were already on the brink of collapse after years of being overstretched. 

Families in Lebanon desperately need your help to ensure their children receive the clean water and health care they need to survive.  Please donate now. 

Donate now and help send life-saving aid to children in Lebanon.

Please donate now

How Your Donations Save Lives

Please help children before it’s too late. A gift from you right now can help save a child’s life. Donate what you can today.

  • €50 could provide 5 children caught up in crisis situations with life-saving emergency food.
  • €100 could provide 2 water and hygiene kits containing soap, gloves, masks, buckets and water purification tablets.
  • €150 could supply a health centre with enough medicine to treat 24 children.

Please help children struggling to survive by donating now to UNICEF Ireland.

Three-year-old Sendus with her mother in their tented home at a refugee camp in the Bekaa.

Other Ways to Donate

You can make a donation by phone, you can reach us on 01 878 3000, our office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:30.

You can send your donation by post to

Freepost; UNICEF Ireland, 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin D01 R283.

In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will be directed to where the need is greatest.

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