Join Greta & UNICEF’s Fight Against COVID-19

Greta Thunberg and Human Act have joined forces with UNICEF to kick-start a campaign to save and protect the most vulnerable children affected by the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted and changed the lives of millions of children.

Worldwide, healthcare systems are struggling to cope with the rising number of coronavirus cases. Stressed medical systems mean children are more likely to miss out on medical treatment or routine vaccinations.

With schools closed, children who rely on their school for daily meals will go to bed hungry.

Children already weakened by malnutrition or preventable diseases are some of the most vulnerable in society.

Without proper handwashing facilities, clean water, therapeutic food and medicine, many children will not survive. Children desperately need your help to protect themselves, and their families, from COVID-19.

Donate now and help send life-saving hygiene equipment, water, food and medicine to vulnerable children. 

A child washes dishes in a Syrian refugee camp. © UNICEF/UNI325080/Albam

Your Donation Saves Children’s Lives

Here is how your donation can protect children from Coronavirus; 

A donation of €60 would provide 300 bars of soap – enough to protect a community or village.

A donation of €75 would provide 250 face masks and 200 pairs of surgical gloves to health workers, families or vulnerable persons.

A donation of €150 would provide 3 water and hygiene kits to families in need.

The package contains: 2 10-litre water containers, 1 bucket, 12 bars of soap, 6 packs of water purification tablets, surgical gloves, surgical masks, 2 small towels and 2 packages with washable napkins.



A Message From Greta

“The poorest and the most vulnerable people are always the hardest hit by a crisis.

“Just like the climate crisis, the consequences of the corona pandemic will be most damaging for children in poor countries, in the poorest neighborhoods and for those already in disadvantaged and vulnerable situations.

“More than 1,5 billion children are today affected by school closures. This has a direct effect on millions of children and young people’s possibilities to learn, to a lunch meal and get access to water and sanitation.

“More than 300 million school children rely on schools as a source of daily nutrition.

“Millions of children do not have access to distance learning. The digital divide is an example of global inequalities that affects the most vulnerable children.

“Even if children so far generally have been spared the most severe symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, children’s lives and heath are already at risk.

“This is mainly due to lack of access to healthcare services – both for children and pregnant women – because of vaccination campaigns being suspended as well as lack of nutrition.

“With the global health care services becoming overwhelmed there will be many additional child deaths in 2020.

“This is a global crisis and for millions of children the impact will be life long. We need to act now – for the sake of every child.

“The time is now, and we need your help to protect children.

“Donate today. Thank You!”

greta thunberg
Greta Thunberg, outside the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. © UNICEF/UNI325446/Hellberg


greta thunberg speaks at a conference
Greta Thunberg speaks at a press conference. © UNICEF/UNI207443/Chalasani
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