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Right now, Gaza is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child. Months of fear and brutal violence have destroyed the lives of more than 1.1 million children. The situation on the ground is unimaginable. It is a living hell.

The dreams of thousands of children have been left buried beneath the rubble of their homes. ​Along with their toys. Their limbs. Their parents.

When you sign-up to Gaza’s Road to Recovery, your donation will be used to help children not only survive, but thrive. You will help deliver the food and water they desperately need to survive and, when the bombs stop falling, you’ll be there to help rebuild and repair.

Help rebuild a child’s future

We don’t know how long this war will last. We don’t know how many more children will suffer. But what we do know is that UNICEF will stay and deliver vital aid to children no matter what.

With your monthly donation, we can ensure children survive this conflict. We can ensure children enjoy a future filled with hope and opportunity.

Join the road to recovery and be the lifeline children in Gaza so desperately need. Sign up today.

Shaima, aged 8, stands crushed up against a steel bar waiting to receive a meal. Every day, she waits for 2 hours in the hope of bringing food back to her family. “I’ve been waiting here for two hours, but I haven’t gotten any food. My mother and my little sister are waiting for me. They haven’t eaten since yesterday.”

Children in Gaza need your continuous support 

The Gaza Strip is on the brink of famine. Food is in critically short supply and hundreds of thousands of children are now suffering from malnutrition. Dirty and contaminated water has also left children dangerously ill from water-borne diseases like diarrhoea. 

In addition, 1 million children in Gaza are now forced to live in freezing tents and shattered buildings with no protection from the elements. Their tired, frail bodies, already weak from hunger, cannot keep fighting for much longer.   


Humanitarian deliveries of food, clean water, blankets and winter clothing are the only way these children can survive. Without it, they will die. Children’s lives are hanging by a thread. They desperately need your help. Right now your monthly donation can help send more emergency aid to Gaza. 

The region is teetering on the brink of a deadly humanitarian disaster.
Will you help children survive this crisis?

Situation in numbers

1 million
children are displaced and without shelter from harsh winter weather

of Gaza’s water supply
is contaminated

1.2 million
people are facing
acute levels of food insecurity

Some results delivered

children reached with winterisation items
(including blankets)

1.3 million
 people reached
with clean water 

pregnant women and children reached
with life-saving therapeutic food

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How does it works

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To sign-up, simply choose the amount you would like to donate each month and fill in your details using the form above. From there our Donor Care team will process your monthly gift and send you a welcome email.



Each month, you’ll receive an email detailing the impact your donation is making to the lives of children in Gaza. Learn how your gift is being used to deliver food, water, medicines and more.



Your generous donation will deliver life-saving aid to Gaza today, tomorrow and long after the conflict ends. Your donation allows UNICEF to help children, and their families, to survive, stay healthy and rebuild their lives after this crisis ends.


Why your monthly donation matters

Life-saving food:

More than 90% of Gaza’s 2.3 million population is suffering from malnutrition. Weeks of restricted access to food have culminated in severe hunger and growing fears of famine within the Gaza Strip. Your monthly gift can send Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Food, a high-calorie peanut paste, to Gaza. This miracle food is UNICEF’s most effective tool for saving malnourished children. Just €30 a month, can supply enough peanut paste to save the lives of 38 children facing starvation every year.

Clean water and sanitation:

Right now, contaminated water is putting children’s lives at risk. Families desperately need access to safe drinking water. A monthly gift from you could help restore Gaza’s water desalination plants delivering fresh water to millions of people. Your donation could also provide vital aid like bottled water, water purification tablets and oral rehydration salts. Together we can ensure no child is forced to drink dirty water.

Psycho-social support:

The horrific images and videos which continue to fill our screens are a daily reminder of the trauma children in Gaza endure. Long after the bombs have stopped, their anguish will continue. Your support can help provide pyscho-social support and therapy to children left scarred from conflict. Through play and art therapy, children can learn to heal the emotional wounds left behind by war.

Donate monthly

In signing up to Gaza’s Road to Recover, you’ll be setting up a monthly donation to UNICEF. During the first 6 months, your donation will go directly towards Gaza, in return you’ll receive monthly emails about how your gift is being used and the life-saving impact it is making for children. After 6 months, your monthly gift will continue, and will go to where it's needed most, helping children in crises around the world.
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