Syria Winter Appeal


Syrian children need urgent help

Almost 8 years of relentless fighting has caused misery and suffering for Syrian children. They can’t escape the violence, not in schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks or even their own homes. The Syria crisis is the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Over 2.5 million children are internally displaced and a further 2.8 million have had to flee to neighouring countries. Beyond the violence Syrian children now face another challenge as winter draws near. In the sub-zero temperatures and extreme cold, Syrian children will struggle to survive without assistance. You can  donate to Syria now and help keep these children safe this Christmas.  Your donation will help to provide basic essentials like warm winter clothes, thermal blankets, clean water, food and health care to help keep children warm and safe.

Our expert on the ground in Jordan tells us:

 “Millions of children are facing an incredibly harsh winter this year without even the most basic supplies. Vulnerable refugee families have exhausted all their resources and are struggling to survive. Many people don’t realise that the region experiences very cold winters, which can include sub-zero temperatures, strong winds, snow and flooding”

Syria is the most dangerous place on Earth to be a child

Having witnessed the unimaginable horrors of a bitter conflict, Syrian children now face the threat of an unforgiving winter. With freezing temperatures and no way to keep warm. We need to reach as many of these vulnerable children before its too late and help provide them with the support they urgently require. As with most conflicts Syrian children are the biggest victims, with over 5 million children in need of humanitarian assistance, it is important that they get the urgent help that they need soon. In the neighbouring countries including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, millions of Syrian children have taken refuge from the violence at home. Now they face another threat as winter draws closer and with little or nothing to keep themselves warm and safe.


How you can help Syrian Children?

Our teams are on the ground and working to hard to help Syrian children and to keep them safe this winter, you can read about their work and the challenges facing Syrian children here: Ettie’s letter. With your support we can continue to deliver life saving essential supplies like medicine and clean water to children in urgent need of help. But our resources are stretched and the situation is growing worse.

We really need your help to reach as many children as we can, we must act fast.

Please donate today to help protect Syrian children.