Syrian children face another harsh winter.

Six years of relentless fighting have caused misery and suffering to millions of Syrian children. They can’t escape the violence, not in schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks or even their own homes. Beyond the violence Syrian children are struggling to survive without clean water, food and health care.

Right now, Syrian children are facing freezing temperatures, snow and rain with no way of keeping warm. Without access to shelter, blankets or warm clothes children will struggle to survive this winter.

For children already exhausted and traumatised by six years of war, the consequences of another gruelling winter without warm clothes and blankets could be devastating.

With your help this winter, UNICEF aims to reach over a million children and families with thermal blankets and winter clothing kits containing hats, gloves, scarves, shoes and socks. We will also heat classrooms and play spaces and continue to provide life-saving food, clean water and medicine to protect the most vulnerable children.

Please donate today to help protect children this winter.