Ireland for Ukraine 

The war in Ukraine is exacting a harrowing toll on the country’s 7.5 million children. Children continue to be killed, injured and deeply traumatised by the devastating violence around them.

Many are terrified, in shock, and desperate for safety. In just over a month, more than one million children have already fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries, with the number of refugees continuing to grow.

Children across Ukraine are in urgent need of safety, stability, protection and psychosocial care, and UNICEF is on the ground, working to reach vulnerable children and families with essential services including health, education, protection, water and sanitation.

The humanitarian needs continue to grow and that’s why UNICEF Ireland is delighted to be part of an inspiring campaign by media companies, called ‘Ireland for Ukraine’.

Ireland for Ukraine

A group of Ireland’s leading media organisations have come together to form an unprecedented coalition, called ‘Ireland for Ukraine’. This unique campaign is a collective effort to raise funds and deliver them where they can have the biggest impact.

The campaign aims to raise vital funds for those affected by the conflict, as well as those who have been displaced. The Irish public are renowned for their generosity in times of great need and the campaign is inspired by the incredible level of public support from Ireland for Ukraine to date.

The initiative will feature across local and national radio, television, print and online media.

How it works

50% of the funds collected will be distributed to UNICEF Ireland, the Irish Red Cross, Concern and Trocaire. The other 50% will be pooled into a fund for grant aid applications available to Irish organisations and local groups assisting the anticipated 200,000 incoming people who have been forced to flee Ukraine and are seeking the safety of our communities in Ireland.

How you can help

Donations can be made online at or by the Revolut app, with all proceeds received by registered charity The Community Foundation for Ireland, who have 22 years’ experience in philanthropy and grant making.

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