UNICEF calls on European Council to address plight of refugee and migrant children

DUBLIN/BRUSSELS, Thurs 20 Oct 2016 This week’s meeting of the European Council in Brussels is a perfect opportunity for Europe to begin putting in place specific and measurable actions to address the needs of vulnerable refugee and migrant children. A number of such steps were included in the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, issued following an unprecedented gathering … Continued

UNICEF Ireland responds to reports child found in a shipping container in Wexford

DUBLIN, Wed 19 Oct 2016 In light of reports that a small child was amongst a group of five Iraqi Kurds found in a shipping container in New Ross, Co. Wexford on Sunday night, UNICEF Ireland is renewing its call for a Europe-wide approach to the plight of refugees and migrants. The discovery of the … Continued

Refugee and migrant children stuck in Greece face double crisis

DUBLIN/ATHENS/GENEVA 26 August 2016 – With the sudden increase of arrivals, hundreds more refugee and migrant children are becoming stranded in Greece with critical needs such as education and protection, says UNICEF. More people arrived in the first three weeks of August than all of July 2016 (1,920 for July; 2,289 as of 24 August). … Continued

Boko Haram violence in Lake Chad region leaves children displaced and trapped

*NOTE* The report and multimedia assets (photos and videos) available here. DUBLIN/DAKAR, 25 August 2016 – Years of violence by Boko Haram in Africa’s Lake Chad basin have led to a worsening humanitarian crisis that has displaced 1.4 million children and left at least one million still trapped in hard-to-reach areas, UNICEF said in a … Continued

UNICEF report on Central American refugee and migrant children

DUBLIN/NEW YORK, 23 August 2016 – Every month, thousands of children from Central America risk being kidnapped, trafficked, raped, or killed as they make their way to the United States to seek refuge from brutal gangs and stifling poverty, and there is no sign this trend is letting up, UNICEF said in a report released … Continued

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