The Race to Protect Children from the Consequences of Coronavirus

COVID-19 is in Yemen, in Syria, in the Rohingya refugee camps and around the world. Children who were already at rock bottom now face the devastating consequences of the pandemic.

Millions of children already have limited or no access to healthcare, clean water, and food. They depend on humanitarian aid to survive. If COVID-19 cuts their lifeline to outside aid, the consequences for these children could be unimaginable. Many will pay the heaviest price of all, with their lives.

In Yemen alone, over 12 million children are already in need of humanitarian assistance. 360,000 children are severely malnourished. If the food and medicine they need is delayed, these children will likely die.

Become A Global Parent and Help Save Children Like Ali

Ali is suffering from severe acute malnutrition. His little body is so starved of essential vitamins and minerals that he suffers with convulsions.

Critically ill, Ali needs months of regular feeding to survive. If humanitarian aid doesn’t reach him in time, he stands little chance of surviving.

Today, many Yemeni children like Ali are simply struggling to survive.  Yemen’s health system is collapsed and millions have no access to clean water, food, shelter or medical help.

But you can help.

By becoming a monthly donor with UNICEF Ireland, you can send vital supplies, like food, clean water and medicine to children in Yemen.

You will help give emergency therapeutic food so severely malnourished children like Ali can continue their treatment. Provide soap and clean water to protect children and families. Help give vital medicines like antibiotics to help save the lives of children who cannot access a doctor or hospital.

More than anything, you will stand with children in these dark times, and give them hope for a better life, now and in the future.




sick child sleeping
Ali receives medical care in a UNICEF-supported hospital in Yemen.

How to Become a Global Parent

To become a Global Parent, you can simply sign up at the top of the page, call us on 01 878 3000 or email us at 

Please donate whatever you can today and help make a real difference in children’s lives.

How Does UNICEF Help Children?

UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories across the world, helping millions of children every day. We make sure more of the world’s children are fed, vaccinated, and protected than any other organisation.

Even in war torn countries like Yemen and Syria, we have teams on the ground making sure that children get the help they need – no matter what.

UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary donations and rely on the kindness of people like you to fond our life saving work for children.

So please become a Global Parent today and give the most vulnerable children in the world your support.

Why Become a Monthly Donor

At UNICEF we work to ensure that children are protected from disease, war, famine and danger. With your monthly support, we can work to deliver long-term aid strategies, which will make a lasting difference to the lives of children and their families.