Stop Syria?s Children becoming a Lost Generation

1st July 2014

Help prevent the children of Syria becoming a lost generation

UNICEF and partners today launched a new campaign No Lost Generation to bring the world’s attention to the 5.5 million children in Syria who need urgent education and psychological support to break the cycle of violence caused by almost three years of conflict.

UNICEF is calling on governments, aid agencies and members of the public to protect a generation of Syrian children from a life of despair, diminished opportunities and broken futures by funding the critical education and protection programme that are needed to lift Syrian children out of misery, isolation and trauma. The No Lost Generation campaign estimates that this will come at a cost of $1 billion in 2014.

 Children profoundly affected by violence

Children have been wounded either physically, psychologically or both as a result of the three-year conflict. Children have also become vulnerable to the worst types of exploitation including child labour, recruitment into armed groups and forces, early marriage and other forms of gender based violence. The decline in education for Syria’s children has been the sharpest and most rapid in the region, reversing years of progress. Nearly 3 million children have dropped out of school and almost 5,000 schools have been destroyed or damaged.

The drawings of Syrian children have become alarmingly dark

The drawings of Syrian children have become alarmingly dark

UNICEF is on the ground in Syria and in 2014 we plan to reach:

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