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Significant donations from generous individuals like you are crucial to our work for children. Philanthropy enables us to be there for children in danger around the world and create lasting change.

We work with compassionate donors across a variety of sectors.

Read on to find out more about making a large one-off or regular donation.

Why give to UNICEF?

  • We are the world’s leading organisation working for children in over 190 countries
  • We have 70 years’ experience in delivering lasting change and in responding to the evolving challenges children around the world are facing
  • We work with communities and governments to tackle the root causes as well as the symptoms of problems directly affecting children
  • Wherever a humanitarian emergency happens Unicef is there (allowing us to respond within 48 hours)
  • We deliver long-term, sustainable solutions as well as addressing children’s immediate need
  • We have the largest supply network in the world – this enables us to achieve cost savings and rapidly deliver essential supplies to wherever they are needed, by land, sea or air
  • We have helped develop simple, affordable and innovative solutions to complicated problems.

What we offer philanthropists

  • Dedicated support from a member of our Major Donor team
  • A choice of how your donation is used.* You can either leave it to us to use your donation wherever children’s needs are greatest, or you can give to a specific programme or area of work – for example, to help children in humanitarian emergencies
  • Specific initiatives that you can support
  • Invitations to exclusive events, including our annual, Corporate Christmas Lunch
  • Tailored proposals
  • Regular reporting back on the impact of your donation
  • The chance to see our projects first hand
  • The chance to make a genuine difference to the lives of the most vulnerable children
  • Opportunities to involve your children and family with your philanthropy

Get in touch

If you or your family are interested in philanthropy with UNICEF, we would love to hear from you. You can contact our Head of Philanthropy Donna Marie O’Donovan, at

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