Every child has the right to an education. Every child, everywhere, no matter their circumstances, should have that right fulfilled

Over 263 million children and adolescents around the world are denied their right to an education. Barriers caused by poverty, discrimination, conflicts, emergencies and climate change, rob them of their opportunity to enter or finish school.

Without the opportunity to learn, children cannot develop to reach their full potential. Education offers children a pathway to a promising future and a fair chance in life.

Education in a Crisis

1 IN 4

out-of-school children live in crisis-affected countries


UNICEF collaborates with partners to develop educational systems that provide the world’s most disadvantaged children with learning opportunities that will change their lives and prepare every child with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Qasem is one of the resilient and eager children being supported by UNICEF’s educational programs. Qasem and his family had to flee from the war in Syria and now live in Za’atari Refugee camp in Jordan.

Wars and conflicts threaten children’s futures by taking away their schools and their education – nearly 1 in 4 out-of-school children live in crisis-affected countries.

Children Want to Learn

With the help of our supporters, Qasem goes to a UNICEF supported school in Za’atari where he can play, learn and develop.

He is passionate about learning and has high hopes for his future.

I want to learn. I want to read books. And I want to be a science teacher. I’m happy in school. I like it so much because we learn here, for example, when I go with my Dad to the grocery shop, I can calculate the amount.”

Qasem attends a UNICEF-supported school in Za’atari where he can play and learn with friends | Jordan | 2018 | Herwig

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