No one likes to think about the day when they won’t be around anymore, but preparing for the inevitable is one of the most responsible things you can do for your family, friends and wider community.

By making a last will and testament, you’ll ensure that your final wishes will be carried out, and any financial matters settled.

When writing a will, many people choose to leave a gift (financial or otherwise) to a chosen charity. This final act of generosity is a gracious gesture, which enables charities, both at home and abroad, to continue their good work.

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Please consider a gift in your will to UNICEF Ireland and continue saving lives for years to come.

Why Should I Leave a Donation to Charity in My Will?

By leaving a donation to charity in your will, you can provide for the world’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations during a natural disaster or war.

Whether you’ve been an advocate of a chosen charity throughout your life or have recently decided to leave a donation in your will, your gift will benefit those most in need. Your gift ensures that your legacy will be felt for generations to come.

Why Should I Donate to UNICEF?

UNICEF works to protect the world’s most needy children. Thanks to our donors, we’ve helped children survive and thrive in the face of war, famine, and natural disasters.

Founded in 1946, UNICEF’s mission was to help children affected by World War II. During this time, we provided life-saving therapeutic food, medical supplies and clothing to children affected by the war.

Today, more than 70 years later, UNICEF and our donors are still working with children affected by emergencies, from earthquakes, floods and drought to armed conflict and malnutrition.

Leaving a charitable donation in your will is one of the best gifts you can give future generations. Your donation allows UNICEF to continue its work throughout the globe and protect the world’s most vulnerable children.

Gifts in wills are the most efficient, cost-effective and impactful donations that anyone can make. When making your will, simply write that you would like to leave a gift to UNICEF and the stipulate the financial sum or type of gift.

Children fill their cups at a water point built by UNICEF | UNICEF | Colfs | 2013

How Will My Gift Help?

We, like you, have seen the world change greatly over the past seven decades. Europe has come together, man has walked on the moon, the internet has connected us all and millions more children live to see their fifth birthday.

A gift in your will could help even more children reach this milestone. Today, millions of children still die from easily curable diseases or preventable causes, but, with your support, we can help change this. You are part of the generation that has saved more children than any other and a gift in your will ensures you’ll keep saving children.

Legacy gifts work to achieve a real difference for the world’s most vulnerable children. These donations help fund long-term projects, which may take many years to complete but will save lives and create countless opportunities for years to come.

We could not be able to help a single child without our supporters. By asking you to consider leaving a gift in your will, we’re asking you to keep supporting children and to keep making that vital difference in children’s lives.

How Can I Leave a Donation in my Will?

If you are interested in leaving a gift in your will or have any questions please call Sarah Moyles on 01 – 8783000 or email sarah.moyles@unicef.ie.

Download our Legacy Brochure and if you have any questions please call Sarah at 01 -8783000

In the Syrian Arab Republic, girls, between 7 and 13, study in a tent school | UNICEF | Watad | 2018

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