COVID-19 Vaccinations 

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Since our founding in 1946, UNICEF has been present on the front lines of every pandemic, epidemic, famine, and global conflict to date; the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is no exception to this 75-year record of service.

In these trying times, we are doing our best to ensure that Coronavirus is stopped in its tracks by adequate and equitable vaccine distribution around the globe.

Here is how your donations are helping to end this pandemic for everyone.

Donate a COVID-19 Vaccine

Why UNICEF Has Been Chosen

UNICEF is not only the largest purchaser of COVID vaccines globally, but also the largest distributor of these life-saving resources. We have the infrastructure to facilitate rapid and effective vaccine distribution, we have the experience to allocate our resources effectively, and also ensure proper training for healthcare workers.

Right now, UNICEF is working as a key partner in the COVAX procurement and supply operation to distribute 3 billion COVID vaccines globally. Our efforts are not limited to the vaccines themselves, but also to the syringes, logistical equipment, and the proper training for healthcare workers around the world.

These efforts ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine is safely and effectively distributed around the world to the communities most in need, providing much-needed protection.

UNICEF-supported community workers raise awareness about the Coronavirus vaccination in Goma, DR Congo. © UNICEF/UN0589391/Benekire

Our Work in the Fight Against COVID-19

Vaccine inequality has left a large portion of our world in jeopardy. While there are enough Coronavirus vaccines to supply the global population, the majority of doses have been administered to those in high and upper-middle-income countries.

To ensure that everyone receives their vaccine, we are working around the clock to deliver 3 billion COVID-19 vaccines to 140 low and middle-income countries. We work to ensure a reliable supply of Coronavirus vaccines arrive to the communities who need it most: healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, the immune-suppressed, children, families and more.

The COVID vaccine is the key to ending this pandemic and everybody everywhere in our world has the right to access this life-saving resource. It is not enough to provide protection for some; no one is safe from the threat of COVID-19 until everyone is safe.

Students in Kathmandu receive the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) as part of the ongoing effort to vaccinate children in schools across the Kathmandu Valley. © UNICEF/UN0579067/Prasad Ngakhusi

Benefits of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Low and middle-income countries who do not have adequate access to COVID-19 vaccines are an ideal environment for the emergence of new Coronavirus variants. If COVID-19 is allowed to spread through unvaccinated communities, new variants can  develop, take hold, and spread from their point of origin throughout the world.

COVID-19 vaccines offer valuable protection against the virus and can also halt the development of new strains. Vaccinated individuals can avoid illness altogether or experience a much milder, and less deadly, illness.

With fewer infected individuals, milder infections, and drastically fewer critical cases, the protection offered by the COVID vaccine is priceless.

A lady receives her COVID-19 booster vaccine in Cambodia in January 2022. © UNICEF/UN0579452/But

Donate a COVID-19 Vaccine

Donate a Life-Saving Vaccine

By donating to UNICEF, you are helping to deliver these life-saving vaccines to low-income countries, caregivers and front-line healthcare workers around the world.

You can help us stop this pandemic and save lives.

Please donate today and help us protect some of the world’s most vulnerable populations from COVID-19.

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