Irish Celebrities Suppot UNICEF’s WAKEUPCALL for Syria!

10th September 2014

#WAKEUPCALL for Syria! Text CHILD to 50300 to donate €4 to UNICEF. I nominate…

The idea, is very simple, UNICEF Ambassadors and people worldwide are posting selfies of themselves just after waking up to support a #WAKEUPCALL for the children of Syria.

Look who has got involved so far…

Syria To Date
There are over 6.5 million children currently displaced inside Syria as well as in neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and other countries in North Africa. They are living in dire situations and objected to poverty, malnutrition, diseases and being caught in the lines of fire.

“Millions of children inside Syria and across the region are witnessing their past and their futures disappear amidst the rubble and destruction of this prolonged con?ict. We must rescue them from the brink, for their sake and for the sake of Syria in future generations.”
– Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

A girl plays on a swing, in the Faida informal tented settlement for Syrian refugees, in the Bekaa Valley. Photo: UNICEF, 2014, Lebanon, Haidar

In Syria, UNICEF’s supply response, which began as cargo airlifts four years ago, has evolved into a steady pipeline of supplies that in August included 89 MT of water purification tablets and education kits. UNICEF is also bringing in over 156 MT of health, education, and water supplies for displaced Syrian families in Lebanon and Jordan. Preparation for winter is underway as UNICEF stockpiles children’s winter clothing sourced from local suppliers in the region. Despite the amount of children who have been helped, more still needs to be done. If you would like some further information on the work that UNICEF is doing in Syria, please click here.

If you would like to donate to the Syrian Campaign, please click here or if you wish to take part in the #WAKEUPCALL campaign, take your own morning selfie and copy the below tweet / Facebook post:

#WAKEUPCALL for Syria! Text CHILD to 50300 to donate €4 to UNICEF. I nominate…

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