UNICEF to Undertake Nationwide Immunisation Throughout Syria

2nd March 2016

UNICEF to Undertake Nationwide Immunisation Throughout Syria

The humanitarian relief effort intensifies as ceasefire holds

 Dublin – 2 March 2016,

As the fragile ceasefire continues to hold throughout Syria, UNICEF has agreed with the Syrian Government to undertake a nationwide immunisation programme to help the embattled children in Syria.

UNICEFs global Executive Director, Anthony Lake, has just completed a visit to Homs, Hama and Al Salamaeya and saw first-hand the misery which this sustained conflict has brought to the children in Syria. In Homs, UNICEF visited a surgical ward as they treated a victim who had just been shot in the face by a sniper. The medical facilities were totally inadequate and the medics vented their frustration and anger.

UNICEF has already helped over 5million children inside Syria with water, food, education and psychological counselling for traumatized children.

Now as the ceasefire takes hold UNCIEF is reaching previously inaccessible areas with vital humanitarian aid for children.

But, there are so many more children to reach. UNICEF wants to immunise 6 million children inside Syria and help the more than 2 million children who have fled the conflict to neighbouring countries.

UNICEF can provide Irish media with interviewees from inside Syria itself who have just visited Homs and who have witnessed the relief effort first hand.


UNICEF Ireland Executive Director, Peter Power, has just returned from the region and is also available to speak about the ceasefire and the first stage of the relief effort.


For more information, please contact:

Marina Happaney, marina@unicef.ie | Tel: +353 1 809 0276 | Mob: +353 83 197 4642

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