2024 Elections 

UNICEF's Child Rights Guide

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2024 Elections  

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Welcome to UNICEF Ireland’s Guide for your engagement in the upcoming elections in Ireland & Europe! This guide is your comprehensive resource, designed to empower young people like you to actively shape our country’s political future. As we approach the upcoming elections, it’s important to understand how decisions made will impact critical issues affecting our society. With a focus on the key Child Rights issues of housing, immigration, and the climate crisis, this guide delves into the complexities of these topics, providing you with the information you need to advocate for the future you want.

As young advocates, you possess a powerful tool—the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This international treaty outlines the rights of individuals under the age of 18, covering education, healthcare, protection from harm, and participation in decisions affecting your lives. By understanding and leveraging the UNCRC principles and educating yourself on some of the key issues affecting young people today, you can effectively advocate for your rights during the upcoming elections.

Being a child rights advocate means standing up for what you believe in, using your voice to raise awareness, mobilizing your peers, and holding elected officials accountable for their decisions.

Below are links to the four chapters outlining the key election topics covered in the guide. Starting with an introduction to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the subsequent chapters delve into housing, migration, and climate. The guide concludes with a set of ten actionable steps for young people to engage in prior to the election.

If you prefer you can use or download the guide in a workbook form.

Together, let’s champion the rights of children and young people, by learning about key election issues, crafting our message and making sure we are heard by key influencers and decision-makers.

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