Avoid Fraud 

Avoid Fraud  

Who might contact me from UNICEF Ireland?

UNICEF Ireland may contact our donors by telephone to ask for support. If the caller is from a contracted, professional telemarketing agency, at the start of the call you will always be informed that you are being contacted on UNICEF Ireland’s behalf.

If you have any concerns whether the call you receive is genuine, please contact us on 01-878 3000 or info@unicef.ie for confirmation.

How do I know a fundraiser is genuinely raising funds for UNICEF Ireland?

All our fundraisers have letter of authority and a proper fundraising card, which is individually numbered and also includes their personal contact details and information about what event they are doing on behalf of UNICEF Ireland.

This fundraising card is never a photocopied piece of paper. To view our sponsorship form please contact justin@unicef.ie for more information.

If you have been approached by someone – at home or on the street, who is claiming to be raising funds for UNICEF Ireland and you believe they might not be a genuine fundraiser, do not give them any cash and please contact the UNICEF Ireland office on 01- 878 3000 or info@unicef.ie with information on who approached you, how and when.

Staff here in the UNICEF Ireland office will be able to confirm whether this is a legitimate fundraiser or not.

Sadly fraudulent fundraising is not only affecting UNICEF Ireland – many other charities are also targeted by people who take advantage of generous supporters across the country.

Information about fraudulent emails and communications

It has come to our attention that scam emails alleging to be from or associated with UNICEF Ireland are in circulation. Some of the most recent fraudulent emails ask for hotel and guest house bookings and claim to be reserving accommodation for the private holiday use of UNICEF staff.

They allege that UNICEF’s finance department will settle the bill and then send bogus foreign currency cheques that will not be honoured by your bank. Other examples ask the recipient to assist in siphoning money from UNICEF programmes in return for a percentage of the illegal profits.

These emails are not genuine and UNICEF is in no way connected with them – the people behind them are not employees of UNICEF Ireland, they are not acting on our behalf and UNICEF Ireland would never cover the costs of staff holidays in the way claimed by these people, nor employ people who would act in such a way.

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