UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance 

UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance

UNICEF is leveraging its decades of experience vaccinating nearly half the world’s children each year, to lead the procurement and supply of COVID-19 vaccines globally, with a focus on 92 low- and middle-income countries.

The UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance will support global vaccine rollout and emergency pandemic outbreaks by mobilising funding in Ireland.

The Alliance supports UNICEF’s ambitious goal to deliver over three billion COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2022 through its global vaccine procurement and delivery infrastructure.

Lead Members


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    Our Vision

    • Equitable and safe access to COVID-19 vaccines for all

    Our Mission

    • Funds – raise funds for the largest and fastest vaccine operation in history and emergency COVID-19 outbreaks
    • Amplify – join and act as a leader in your industry to increase the power and reach of the Alliance.
    • Lead by making history.


    John Power, CEO of Aerogen

    “We must ensure that the most vulnerable children do not suffer the consequences of the pandemic. That is why Aerogen is committed to supporting UNICEF as a Lead Member of the UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance. This is a global cross-border effort where businesses from Ireland have a role to play. As a medical technology company we are committing our expertise and resources to ending this pandemic, especially for the most vulnerable.”

    Dómhnal Slattery, CEO of Avolon

    “As well contributing to 15,759 vaccine deliveries for UNICEF’s global vaccine campaign Avolon have been fortunate to be able to help fund oxygen tanks, PPE and other life-saving supplies around the world throughout the pandemic. While restarting the global economy and ensuring the movement of people is essential to business, the vaccine is essential to life. Avolon is proud to support UNICEF’s global response to COVID-19.”

    Paddy Hayes, Chief Executive of ESB

    “ESB has a long tradition of supporting the communities we serve and where we live and work. Through our history, ESB has worked in over 120 countries worldwide. By supporting UNICEF’s Corporate Vaccine Alliance as a Lead Member, we can help UNICEF ensure that some of the world’s most vulnerable families and at-risk communities are included and are able to access vaccines.”

    Brendan Brennan, CFO of ICON plc

    “ICON has been involved in conducting global clinical trials for several COVID-19 vaccines. Our teams have worked tirelessly for over a year to help scientists bring hope through novel vaccines and therapeutics. Our commitment to global public health and advanced research is why we have joined the UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance. We recognise our responsibility to the most vulnerable populations who need vaccines and treatments to fight COVID-19 right now. ICON is honoured to be a part of the Alliance, and we encourage others in Ireland to get involved.”

    Seamus Hand, Managing Partner of KPMG in Ireland

    “At KPMG, we’re committed to playing our part in creating equitable societies for all and that’s why the ‘Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine’ campaign resonated with our people. Staff donated through payroll giving and the firm matched those donations, which helped to fund vaccinates for over 11,000 healthcare workers in developing countries. We’re proud to play our part in this collaboration with UNICEF and we urge others to support the Corporate Vaccine Alliance.”

    Declan Black, Managing Partner of Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

    “Mason Hayes & Curran LLP is pleased to sign-on as a Lead Member of the UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance and is delighted to step up to support UNICEF’s global response to COVID-19. Not only is restarting the global economy and the movement of people helpful to our business, we see the justice and value in ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive vaccination against COVID-19.”

    Anthony Brennan, CEO of Zurich Ireland

    “UNICEF’s Corporate Vaccine Alliance aligns with the ongoing work of the Z Zurich Foundation and builds on Zurich’s public commitment to help the most vulnerable access COVID-19 vaccines. We know that no one is safe until we are all safe, and it is a global race between vaccines and new variants. It is essential that everyone has a fair chance to be protected from COVID-19 and we call on businesses in Ireland, of all sizes, to join us in protecting our world.”

    Paddy Purcell, Founder of Mincon & Kingbell Company ULC.

    “Building a company with an international presence through its four global regions: Americas; Europe and Middle East; Africa; and Asia Pacific gives me an awareness of the disparity in access to life-saving vaccines. By joining UNICEF’s Corporate Vaccine Alliance as a Lead Member, we have made a commitment to support the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to healthcare workers and the most vulnerable in poor countries.”

    Alliance Members

    How Your Support Helps

    Join UNICEF and leading Irish organisations, businesses and corporate foundations to power the largest and fastest vaccination operation for humanity and put an end to the pandemic.

    Your membership in the COVID-19 Vaccination Alliance will support:

    • Vaccine procurement, cold chain, logistics and health worker training
    • Vaccinating health workers, the elderly and other vulnerable groups against coronavirus
    • Addressing vaccine hesitancy and encouraging vaccine uptake  through communication
    • Rapid response to emergency outbreaks

    History is not made by one but by the collective.


    Join the Corporate Vaccine Alliance and Help End COVID-19

    Join UNICEF and Ireland’s leading businesses and corporate foundations to power the largest and fastest vaccination operation for humanity and put an end to the pandemic.

    UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance offers members the opportunity to change the lives of children across the world. By pooling their investment together, members can achieve greater impact and make their support go further for children.

    Global business doesn’t work without global vaccination.

    By joining the Alliance,  you are taking your place in history.   Your company will be aligned with corporates, government and communities around the world, positioning it as a leader in making history.  Your membership in the Alliance will be the most compelling and long-lasting investment that you can share with your stakeholders because together we can vaccinate the world and end the pandemic.

    Interested in learning more about the UNICEF Corporate Vaccine Alliance. Contact Lead Co-ordinator, Owen Buckley

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