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  • Ensure Your Good Work Lives On

    For 70 years, UNICEF has depended on people like you to be the global champions for children.

    You’ve achieved amazing things for children, including: getting the world 99% of the way to fully eradicating polio, halving the child mortality rate under five, and supplying 80% of the world’s therapeutic food for children in 2016.

    But who will be there for the children of the future? Make sure the good work you’ve started during your lifetime lives on.

    Please consider a gift in your Will to UNICEF Ireland and continue saving lives for years to come. Please enter your email below for more information.
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A bequest in your will lets you leave a gift to the causes and charities that have meant the most to you throughout your life.

A legacy donation is one of the most generous gifts you can give as it lets charities, like UNICEF, continue their good work throughout the world.

Benefits of Leaving a Charitable Donation in Your Will

Legacy gifts are an integral part of how UNICEF funds long-term projects throughout the world. Without these donations, our teams wouldn’t be able to invest in humanitarian strategies which will benefit children today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Legacy donations also help us to respond to emergencies or humanitarian disasters throughout the world, like Yemen and the Indonesian Tsunami.

Your gift will also help us continue to provide ongoing healthcare, clean water, nutrition, education and emergency relief to children in need. As 85% of UNICEF’s staff are based in developing countries, we deliver assistance where it’s needed and felt most.

Protect Future Generations

For the last seven decades, UNICEF has been the world’s leading humanitarian organisation. Thanks to our supporters we work in nearly every country making sure children grow up safe, healthy and educated.

To continue this work, we need your support. Together we can ensure that no child goes without food, warmth, education or a safe space to sleep.

By leaving a gift to UNICEF in your will, you’ll ensure that your generation was the generation that left a brighter future for children.

Leave a Legacy

It may be hard to comprehend, but your donation will keep a child safe from violence, give them the food to survive, provide them with water in times of drought and ensure they live to see another morning.

Gifts in wills are the most efficient, cost-effective and impactful donations that anyone can make. When making your will, simply write that you would like to leave a gift to UNICEF and the stipulate the financial sum or type of gift.

Together, we can work to leave a lasting legacy – one that’ll be felt for generations.

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