Partnership Benefits



PARTNERING WITH UNICEF IS A WIN-WIN: good for the world’s children and good for business.

We focus on understanding your business goals. We work with you on developing creative ideas with measurable, bottom-line results — ensuring mutually beneficial programs that help save children’s lives and help you achieve your business objectives.

Brand Impact

  • Working with UNICEF positively impacts or highlights the brand values of your organisation to customers, stakeholders and employees.
  • Profile & recognition.Build your company’s profile and reputation through an association with the world’s leading organisation working for children, supported by an unparalleled number of internationally recognised Ambassadors and high profile supporters.

Unrivalled expertise

  • Our highly skilled and dedicated account managers will maintain and develop our partnership with you, providing regular feedback reports, share expertise and best practise and may, in some cases, lead visits to UNICEF projects overseas to engage our partners in the work that they have supported.

Media relations

  • UNICEF has an experienced and respected media relations team which works with our corporate partners to maximise the Comms and PR benefits of partnerships.

Global influence

  • UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation focusing on children and children’s rights with a presence in more than 190 countries and territories and with operational field programmes in more than 150. It can match the reach of leading global brands. UNICEF works with governments, UN agencies, NGOs and with local communities.
  • We encourage our partners to learn from and share successes and offer our partners a range of opportunities to network at all levels.

Networking and sharing learning’s

  • UNICEF has worked with partners to develop globally recognised brands. For example, the Change for Good programme with Aer Lingus, the Check Out for Children programme with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and the IKEA Soft Toy campaign.

Child Rights and Business

  • Child Safeguarding Toolkit for Business: Child safeguarding refers to all of the actions a company takes to keep all children they come into contact with safe – and includes the proactive measures put in place to ensure children do not come to harm as a result of any direct or indirect contact with the company. Child safeguarding encompasses the prevention of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and maltreatment of children by employees and other persons whom the company is responsible for, including contractors, business partners, visitors to premises and volunteers.
  • Children’s Rights and Business Atlas: The Children’s Rights and Business Atlas helps businesses and industries assess potential and actual impacts on the lives of children and guides the integration of children’s rights into due diligence practices and procedures.

Our commitment to you

  • UNICEF is focused on building long term partnerships with the business community in order to provide the maximum reward for both parties. We are committed partners, sharing expertise and learnings, searching for innovative and more effective ways of working and ultimately providing you with the very best in relationship and account management.