Monthly Giving


Sign up today to give monthly and help children around the world, like Rohingya children fleeing violence.

Every child should be able to play, learn, grow and live in safety. Your regular donation will ensure that the most vulnerable children are receiving the help they need to create real and lasting change to their lives.

Setting up a regular donation to UNICEF is the most cost-effective way to help children, like those fleeing conflict.

Since the 25th of August, over 700,000 children have had to leave their homes and flee to neighbouring Myanmar. Weakened by their journeys, children face harsh living conditions and a shortage of suitable food, clean water and medicine. The situation is so bad that without supplies many will be in real danger for their lives.

With your help, we can deliver clean water, therapeutic food and medicine to suffering Rohingya children.  Monthly donations will allow every children under the age of 5 to be examined by health workers and provide therapeutic food and medicine for the sickest, straight away.  Our teams are on the ground right now but as more children arrive everyday resources are stretched to the limit.

Please sign up today to make a monthly donation to help Rohingya children, and to create a lasting change in children’s lives.