Monthly Giving


Why Give Monthly?

Right now, children around the world are facing daily threats of violence, persecution, hunger and disease, struggling to survive the consequences of conflicts and natural disasters.

Millions of Syrian children are facing an incredibly harsh winter without even the most basic winter supplies. As the cold does its worst, the most vulnerable children will suffer and some may even die. Temperatures are already dropping below 0 at night. Without good warm winter clothes and blankets, children will struggle to survive this Christmas.

Children like Hasan could die this Christmas if we don’t get help to them in time.

Hasan was born in a ragged tent that lets in the biting wind with a mud floor that turns to a quagmire every time it rains. Life here is tough at the best of times, but in winter, it’s a living hell.

The children in these camps have nothing. They fled the war and violence in Syria with only the clothes on their backs. We have seen children wading through freezing mud in little more than sandals. We’ve met mothers who have nothing to dress their newborn babies in – not even a blanket to keep out the winter chill.

Hasan is not the only one. Across the world 1 in 4 children live in countries affected by conflict and natural disaster.

Every single one of them deserves better and you can be the one to make it happen. With a monthly donation you will provide essential life-saving supplies to children when they need it most.

Your commitment will save lives and ensure that UNICEF teams can give ongoing support to children like Hasan, to meet their complex needs.

Will you give children like Hasan a fighting chance?