UNICEF’S DAY FOR CHANGE FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE – See if you can change something about your school day and collect as much change & cash as possible to help us do our job and protect the rights of children everywhere. UNICEF relies on the generosity of people to achieve change in the world. The big Day for Change will be on the 14th of March but you can fundraise whenever suits your school’s calendar.

Fundraising Info Pack



Join other schools across Ireland to share images and stories of your fundraising activities at #dayforchange and we will post your pictures here on this page.How can my school get involved?
1. Start by registering your school by emailing or calling us 01 878 3000.
2. Organise a fundraising activity of your choice. We’ve got heaps of fundraising ideas to get you started and help you boost your fundraising target.Below are a few videos from our Goodwill Ambassadors that will hopefully give you ideas about how and who you could fundraise for.

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