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JOIN U-REPORT Take part in polls that are sent through Facebook or Twitter messages. Send in polls that would help you in your advocacy. Find out below all the ways you can use U-Report.

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UReport is a Tool for Young People

Once a UReporter has followed @UReportIRL on Twitter or liked on Facebook, polls and alerts are sent via Direct Message and real-time responses are collected and mapped on this site.

Results and ideas are shared back with the community. Issues polled include health, education, gender, inequality and anything else people want to discuss.

Individual messages are confidential but collected data is transparent.

Information received can be grouped by age, gender and place in real time and is used to connect young people with their leaders, educators and society in general.

It draws attention to urgent issues through the information on the site to communicate to people what is wanted or needed.

Registration is voluntary and UReporters. There are 22 national U-Report programmes in addition to the global project which amounts to nearly 2 million U-Reporters and there are new people joining every day.

UReport relies on volunteer community members serving as UReporters to provide information on issues in their communities to create change. In return, UReporters will receive important information and alerts around your issues. Together we create change.

How it Works

UReport Ireland is an “OPT-IN” system in that users ask to join, therefore, taking the first step in engaging with UReport. UReport will never send information to anyone who has not asked to enter the system.

There are two ways to join: through Facebook or Twitter.

Through Facebook, users search for @UReportIRL and ‘Like’ the account, then message “Join”

Through Twitter, users search for @UReportIRL and ‘Follow’ the account, then message “Join”

Following this a registration flow will start. Answer three questions , Your age, gender and county.

Users are now registered as ‘UReporters’. Their data is stored and protected by RapidPro.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you register via Twitter or Facebook, it is a free service. If you register via SMS – depending on your phone contract, the cost of a standard SMS may apply.

UReport is registered on the Virgin Mobile network.

What Information Do I Need to Give to Register?

Users are asked to submit information on their age, gender and location. This information is displayed in aggregate terms on the website homepage.

It enables UReporters to learn more about the other users and provides a deeper, statistical analysis of the results. The priority is to ensure the anonymity of the UReporter – no personal information is required to register or participate.

Individual UReporters are not identifiable.

What’s the Minimum Age to Join? 

In accordance with best practice set by UReport globally, participants must be aged 13 years or over.

Where is the Information Stored? 

The information provided is stored in RapidPro and only selected staff in UNICEF and RapidPro are able to access it.

The information stored in RapidPro is not accessible for telephone operators or aggregators. The final poll results are displayed on the homepage of and are available for all users and the broader public to view.

No individual responses to the polls are displayed without prior consent from the UReporter.

Can Messages Be Sent Outside the Question?

Yes, but this is not recommended. UReport is a messaging system but it is not designed for two-way communication or providing direct support services for young people.

If UReport receives unsolicited messages denoting risk in the physical and/or mental health of individual users, these will be handled according to UNICEF Ireland’s Child Protection Policy & Procedures.

UReport will direct users to relevant supports and services via the website.

Importantly, U-Report cannot be responsible for the information received through the platform, which was not been requested by the system.

Where Do the Questions Come From?

The questions have been devised based on extensive consultations with young people on issues that affect their lives.

Ultimately the platform will be handed over to a UReport Youth Committee consisting of representatives from a range of UReport partners.

The Committee will determine the broader advocacy strategy behind the platform and select the relevant surveys to support that and mobilise users.

When Will I Get Messages?

There are no set times for sending messages. The first message you send (to JOIN and authorize messaging) is at any time you like.

The registration flow is automatically activated and questions flows are initiated at times when U-Reporters are most likely to respond.

Who is in UReport?

Currently, UReport is active in 22 countries. corresponds to the U-Report Global page, where users can register as a Global U-Reporter Global. By registering as a U-Reporter in Ireland, users are not automatically registered as a Global U-Reporter.

This is a separate registration and question flow.

How Can I Contact You? 

You can contact us @UReportIRL Twitter account or call us on +353 18783000.

UNICEF Ireland is located at 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1.

How Can I Quit UReport? 

There are 2 ways out of the system. If you communicate with UReport via Twitter, simply stop following the account.

If your channel of communication is SMS, you must send an SMS to 089 6000125 with the word “EXIT”.

You will no longer receive any communication from RapidPro and the information you’ve provided will be removed from the system.

Values/Principles Of UReport

UReport is firmly aligned with the United Nations Convention on the Rights on the Child in its promotion of the rights of all children and adolescents to be heard (Article 12), free expression of ideas (Article 13), the right to assembly and association with others (Article 15), the right of access to information (17), and the right to the participation of children and adolescents.

The platform allows for an exchange of views between young people and a range of stakeholders.

Why Join U-Report?

  • Speak out on what’s happening in your community
  • Use U-Report results and information to update and increase citizen’s awareness
  • Participate in nationwide campaigns to help improve your country
  • Share what’s happening around Ireland with other U-Reporters


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