Children are the real victims of an Emergency

Right now there are a record number of emergencies facing children all over the world. As is always the case in an emergency, children are the worst affected. They are the most vulnerable group and they need the most immediate help. There are children at risk of abuse. There are children without running water and shelter. There are children with no access to education or healthcare.

During an emergency children are at increased risk of getting diseases, malnutrition and being dragged into the violence. At the front of all our activities is the rights of children. Our teams work hard to protect the rights of children and we often partner with governments and other organisations to help ensure no child is left behind.

UNICEF is on the ground in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide to ensure children are protected during an emergency.

When an emergency strikes, we know the first 72 hours are critical and where possible we will aim to have supplies positioned in advance. Central to our success in emergencies is you! None of our work would be possible without the help of our supporters, on behalf of the children you are helping – thank you! It is your generous support that allows us to be prepared and react quickly.

With your support we continue to help children around the world, even in the hardest to reach areas, no matter the emergency. Your help will continue to make sure children have enough food, have access to clean water, that they are protected from violence and they get a chance to go to school.

With so many emergencies happening at once however, our resources are stretched to their limits. We know how to respond to an emergency and we know exactly what needs to be done, we just need the funds to be able to do it.

Can you help a child facing an emergency right now?