Haiti Children's Crisis


Children in Haiti at risk in aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew continues to put the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in Haiti in danger. UNICEF is focusing its efforts on those with the greatest need, with an emphasis on safe, clean water.

The hurricane, the strongest to hit the region for 9 years, destroyed homes, schools, roads and power supplies.

The children in Haiti, who are still rebuilding their lives after the devastating earthquake of 2010 desperately need our help. UNICEF teams are on the ground helping children right now. We had pre-positioned emergency supplies in the area before the hurricane hit. These include water kits, emergency food, medical supplies and other essentials for 10,000 children. Those supplies have already been delivered to children. But we need to reach so many more.

More than 2 million people have been affected by the hurricane, of which almost 900,000 are children.

Our teams are on the ground in Haiti working to deliver life-saving supplies to children and their families. We will continue to assess the evolving situation and urgent needs in the most affected areas.

Priorities for UNICEF’s immediate response are in the sectors of water, education, health and child protection. We aim to:

  • Provide safe water and hygiene kits to help prevent the spread of water borne diseases with particular attention to cholera
  • Set up temporary learning spaces so that children can resume their learning
  • Support child protection services to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse

UNICEF has been on the ground in Haiti for more than 60 years and we will stay as long as children need us.

Please donate now to help children affected by this devastating hurricane.


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