Iraq Crisis


Children in Iraq continue to suffer the consequences of violence and conflict

As violence escalates across Iraq it is children who continue to suffer most. Right now almost 5 million children in Iraq are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance.

UNICEF is on the ground in Mosul, Baghdad, Erbil, Basra and other areas throughout Iraq providing water, shelter, food and other humanitarian assistance. Equally important, we’re working to give the children of Iraq, who haven’t been able to return home and are still living in refugee camps, hope for the future by getting them back to school.

With the ever changing security situation in Mosul, our teams are working hard to ensure we have all the supports necessary for children who become displaced.

After the nightmare these children have been surviving in for the past two years, this is a pivotal moment to help them reclaim their childhood and give them hope for a better life.

In addition, the escalation of violence throughout the country has lead to millions of people being forced to flee their homes. Right now 3.3 million people are displaced throughout the country. Children in Iraq are losing their homes, their families and their childhood.

If we fail to protect and nurture these children now, an entire generation may be lost.

UNICEF is on the ground assisting 3.3 million people who have already fled their homes. We are ready to respond to the every changing situation in Mosul and throughout Iraq. We are providing shelter, medicine, food, water and education to children who have lost everything.


Can you help a child in Iraq today?