Iraq Crisis


The children of Iraq continue to suffer the consequences of conflict

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains one of the largest and most volatile in the world. The pace of displacement over the past three years is nearly without precedent.

As violence continues to escalate across Iraq, it is children who suffer most. Right now almost 5 million children in Iraq are in need of help.

Families are being forced to make difficult choices. If they flee through conflict lines, they risk their lives. Yet the alternative is to remain as food, water and medicines become scarce. As a result, every month the conflict continues, conditions become harsher for children.

Furthermore, the security situation in Iraq is ever changing. Despite this, UNICEF teams are working hard to have all the necessary supports in place for children and their families. Right now 3.3 million people are displaced throughout the country.

Children in Iraq are losing their homes, their families and their childhood. If we fail to protect and nurture these children now, an entire generation may be lost.

UNICEF Response in Iraq

This humanitarian operation is already one of the most complex in the world. Many unpredictable and volatile dynamics will impact children and their families. UNICEF is working with governments and local partners to ensure every child is protected.

UNICEF is on the ground in areas like Mosul, Baghdad, Erbil and Basra. We are providing water, shelter, food and other humanitarian assistance. Equally important, we are giving the children of Iraq hope for the future by getting them back to school. Including children who haven’t been able to return home and are still living in refugee camps.

Our teams are on the ground assisting 3.3 million people who have already fled their homes. We are ready to respond to the ever changing situation. We will not give up on the children of Iraq, as long as they need us.

Can you help give these children hope?