Rohingya Crisis


More than 700,000 Rohingya children need urgent support.

Since the 25th of August, 1.2 million Rohingya people have crossed from Myanmar to Bangladesh to escape the violence in their homeland.

It is truly a children’s emergency. 60% of new arrivals are children and 30% are under 5 years old. Children, who have seen terrible violence before risking their lives fleeing through jungles, over mountains, and across treacherous rivers and seas.

“You see children who have not slept for days, they are weak and hungry. I saw half a dozen children without their parents, they need special care and protection.”

Jean-Jacques Simon. UNICEF Regional Chief of Communication, South Asia

Weakend by their journeys, children face harsh living conditions and a shortage of suitable food, clean water and medicine. Many are suffering from severe acute malnutrition, a deadly illness caused by a lack of suitable food and vitamins.

In response UNICEF is working to screen all children under the age of 5 for malnutrition and referring the sickest for immediate treatment. The scale of the crisis is enormous. In one day UNICEF treated over 12,100 children aged between 6 months and 5 years old for a lack of vitamins. 3,500 children of the sickest children were given immediate life saving treatment.

UNICEF is already delivering clean water, therapeutic food and medicine to Rohingya children but resources are stretched to the limit. We need your help to bring emergency therapeutic food and medicine to sick children.

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