Syrian Children’s Crisis

The Syrian conflict has entered its seventh year and it is children who are paying the heaviest price. For children caught up in the conflict each year has been more devastating than the last.

They can’t escape the violence, not in schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks or even their own homes. Beyond the violence children in Syria are dying in silence from entirely preventable causes.

Water and food have been used by all sides as a weapon of war. Water supplies have been cut, deliberately damaged and contaminated, depriving millions of children access to safe clean water. Children in besieged areas have been denied access to essential food supplies. Without proper nutrition and clean water children are at serious risk.

Right now, 6 million children in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance. UNICEF is on the ground providing lifesaving supplies of clean water, food and medicine.

Please donate today and help provide lifesaving supplies to children in Syria. It’s been six years of relentless war and they need our help now more than ever before.