Syrian Children’s Crisis

In Syria 6 million children are in desperate need of humanitarian support. They are already exhausted by six years of relentless war.

Children and their families have been forced to flee their homes. To leave everything they know behind after the ongoing fighting destroyed their towns and villages. For those that remain there are ongoing disruptions to basic services such as electricity and running water. One quarter of all hospitals and schools have been destroyed.

A generation of children aged five years and under have known nothing but a lifetime shaped by war. Children are the most vulnerable group in any war zone. Right now however, they have another fear, winter.

Even though the conditions are incredibly challenging, UNICEF is uniquely positioned to help the children in the most danger. Our teams are working around the clock to ensure children have proper nutrition, clean drinking water and continue to have access to education. Our priority is to reach the most vulnerable children, including those living in besieged or hard to reach areas.

Please help a child now.