Yemen’s children at risk

The number of children being killed as a result of the conflict in Yemen continues to increase. Such is the scale of the conflict that over 80% of the population are in need of humanitarian aid, including 9.9 million children.

The fighting has devastated lives in Yemen, causing mass destruction of hospitals, schools, roads and bridges. It has meant the national health, water and sanitation services have been severely damaged.

Earlier this year, escalating violence in the northern part of Yemen’s capital caused damage to the waste water plant that served 1.5 million people. Raw sewage flooded the district, leaving children and their families are risk of disease and health complications.

Children in Yemen are particularly vulnerable as we already have reports that at least 1,000 children have been recruited by armed groups. We are working tirelessly to ensure these children are returned home safely.

UNICEF is helping the children of Yemen with the supply of food, clean water and medicine. But with our resources stretched responding to so many emergencies, we need your support to reach every child.

Can you help a child in Yemen now?