Help children from arrival to survival

Giving your baby a healthy start is relatively easy here in developed countries. In Ireland we receive birth certificates when babies are born, they get vaccinations keeping them safe from disease and mothers are advised on the best nutrition so that their children can grow up healthy and happy.

Our babies grow up in turn to become healthy children and adults – just like you and I – people who can create better lives for themselves and others.

That is our wish for every child. At UNICEF we believe that every child has the chance to survive and thrive.

We work with mothers so that they can give birth safely and make sure their child receives the care it deserves through pre-natal care.

We help provide these babies with birth certifications when they are born.

We help protect children and babies from life threatening diseases by giving them the immunisations. In fact, UNICEF is the world’s largest supplier of vaccinations.

And we provide  children with food and also advise mothers on the right nutrition for their babies.

By supporting UNICEF you can give every child the chance to a healthy and happy childhood.