Globally dirty water is a leading killer of children under five years old. You can help.

Dirty water kills almost 1,000 children per day. Needlessly.

Here in Ireland, we take clean, safe drinking water so much for granted. For many children around the world they do not have the same luxury.

When water is polluted or when there is no basic sanitation for children it often has fatal consequences.

And yet we can help. Our teams work in over 193 countries around the world helping provide clean, safe drinking water to children. In emergencies we provide water sanitation tablets and hygiene kits providing children and their families everything they need to protect themselves from disease. In refugee camps we truck in clean water or dig boreholes providing a clean supply of water.

Our efforts have achieved great results. Since 1990, 2.6 billion people have been provided with clean drinking water.

This kind of help is only possible thanks to the help of people like you.