Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine 

Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine

Launched in 2017 by UNICEF Ireland Ambassador Joe Canning and the Saolta Group the “Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine” has increased flu vaccine uptake among their staff will contributing to UNICEF’s global polio eradication efforts.

For every flu vaccine received by a healthcare worker, select HSE group’s make a contribution to UNICEF’s role in polio eradication.

  • Increase HSE staff flu vaccination uptake
  • Raise awareness about UNICEF’s role in childhood immunisation
  • Raise funds for UNICEF’s Health Thematic Fund/polio immunisation programmes

In the 2022/2023 flu season 15 regional HSE community healthcare organisations and hospital groups are participation in the  ‘Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine’ campaign.

A girl receives a dose of oral polio vaccine during an emergency polio immunization campaign in the city of Hargeisa, in Somaliland.

UNICEF Ireland welcomes groups from the HSE and businesses who would like to encourage their staff to receive seasonal flu vaccinations.

UNICEF trains vaccine management teams and health workers in managing the cold chain to ensure polio vaccines are stored at the right temperature during transportation.

To learn more, contact the campaign lead:

Áine McKeown, Business Development Officer;

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